Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

Where is God in the why?
28-Mar-2017 | International

Katherine Porter discusses the pain of watching a dream die and the joy of seeing God fulfill it in ways she didn't imagine.

Simple church
03-Mar-2017 | International

Julyan Lidstone explains how the Simple Church concept redefines church in a strategic way to see myriads of vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

In touch with my true self
02-Feb-2017 | International

Kenneth Bong shares what it means to him to be an emotionally healthy leader in ministry for God.

Seven myths perpetuated by missions' people
20-Dec-2016 | International

OMer Scott addresses seven myths that he believes "unintentionally hinder the spread of God’s Kingdom."

No one too small to be a mobiliser
08-Dec-2016 | Ecuador

Nathan Schmutz, an OMer working in Latin America, shares how a five year-old girl embodies OM's new mission statement.

Wisdom Road: Making decisions in company with God
28-Nov-2016 | International

Viv Thomas proposes that decision-making comes out of healthy vs. unhealthy frameworks, and names four of those frameworks.

The Value and cost of change
25-Oct-2016 | International

"...the changes ahead will enable us to better live out our collective passion..." writes David Greenlee.

Building trust in teams
30-Sep-2016 | International

Tami Zacharias, with OM in Canada, explores why building trust in teams is worth the cost, although it takes so much work.

Where many can win together
01-Sep-2016 | International

"How we see and interpret events largely depends on who we are and in what context we sit," says Harvey Thiessen.

Redemptive Leadership
30-Jun-2016 | International

I'ching Chan-Thomas shares what it means to be an effective Christ-follower and leader through "Redemptive Leadership."

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