Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

Is Paris our wake-up call?
17-Dec-2015 | International

“We must win people’s hearts and minds,” says OM Founder George Verwer, who explains why change—and the course of history—begins with us.

Breaking the missionary stereotype
03-Dec-2015 | International

Zimbabwean Simon Marijani shares how, as the global tide of missions shifts from the West to the rest, Africans are changing the landscape of missions.

Science and faith: Michael Faraday
02-Nov-2015 | International

Popular science highlights instances of conflict with faith while forgetting that many of science’s greatest heroes, including Michael Faraday, were men of faith.

Money: Tool or idol?
25-Aug-2015 | International

We would do well to remember certain truths and biblical principles with regard to money, says MTI Executive Director Alvin Tey.

The way I see it: Go big or go home
29-Jul-2015 | International

If we really want to devote ourselves to “transforming lives and communities,” Greg Kernaghan asks, shouldn’t we begin by transforming ourselves?

Pause for thought: the Cistercians
21-Jul-2015 | International

This is a tale of corporate identity, core values, organisational DNA and change management—all those things we hold near and dear to our hearts.

If heaven’s so great, why the delay?
09-Jul-2015 | International

If heaven is our ultimate reward, why doesn’t God take us there as soon as we are saved? Nichola Henry talks about why we wait.

Our imitation is our declaration
19-Jun-2015 | International

“Imitating God is serious business,” says Tami Zacharias. Not only is our relationship with God at stake, but also our witness. Who are you imitating?

Leaders don’t just ‘appear’
03-Jun-2015 | International

Very rarely are we sent ‘ready-made’ leaders, says veteran OM leader Matthew Skirton, who challenges us to proactively develop others to take leadership responsibility.

Growth: be careful what you wish for
22-May-2015 | International

We should not fear failure, says Greg Kernaghan. Rather, we should fear succeeding at things that do not matter.

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