Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

In sustainability, change is the only constant
01-May-2015 | International

Sustainability in mission, as described in Jason Mandryk’s previous two articles, is a nice concept. But so what? Here he explains why it’s a necessity.

Pornography and sex trafficking: The real battle is near
14-Apr-2015 | International

“It is time for pornography to be seen as an integral component of the sex trafficking industry—the main driver of demand,” says Tim Wright.

A vision of sustainability
01-Apr-2015 | International

Jason Mandryck discusses the concept of sustainability and how, though trendy, it's not a new idea.

Serving sacrificially
23-Mar-2015 | International

We connect with others as servants, says OM Bosnia-Herzegovina field leader Claudia Costa. But how do we keep servanthood culturally contextualised?

Leading in relationships
03-Mar-2015 | International

Leadership is not about position, says OM African Area Associate Leader Melvin Chiombe, but about serving people. What do you think?

I’m not privileged, am I?
13-Feb-2015 | International

When left unchecked, privilege can too easily corrupt its possessors and abuse those who lack it, says Tami Zacharias. So, what can be done?

A global church
05-Feb-2015 | International

Believers from every nation participating in the Great Commission is not a distant dream, says Jason Mandryck, but a reality that takes time to grow.

Science and Faith: Newton
17-Jan-2015 | International

Popular science highlights instances of conflict with faith while forgetting that many of science’s greatest heroes, including Newton, were men of faith.

Watch and pray…and watch
05-Jan-2015 | International

Prayer changes us and God changes the world, says long-time OMer Peter Hawkins. So, what will we ask God for this year?

The problem with pity
18-Dec-2014 | International

Justin Hui explains that while giving is something we could always do more of, our attitude towards giving is often more important than the gift.

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