Rehabilitation through love and action

20 Jan, 2016 | Russia
OM International
Team member for the HIV/AIDS prevention ministry visits drug rehab centre, giving education about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.
One of the most pressing problems in Russian society right now is HIV/AIDS. About one million people live with this disease and the number is growing year by year.

Since many churches have opened rehabilitation centres, Christians are becoming more familiar with the issue. The main goal of believers is to show compassion towards those who are HIV positive and cast aside condemnation, just as Jesus took compassion on those who were rejected from society. OM Russia works in one such centre trying to show God’s love through compassionate action.

Olgа*, an OMer who is involved in HIV-ministry, participated in an AIDSLink International training in April 2015. She realized there was an opportunity for believers to rise up and meet this challenge, and decided to use the skills she had learned by joining rehab efforts in the church.

Olga started to serve in a rehabilitation centre where she prepared small workshops for the centre’s residents. She conducted lessons, conversations, and games to allow them to receive advice on antiretroviral therapy. Almost all of those who have this disease are not aware of the prevention and treatment of it, so this information was very useful. The rehab-centre residents listened with interest, participated lively in discussions, and learned a lot of important information.

OM Russia conducts preventive lectures in prisons, schools, other educational institutions. OM Russia also organises trainings, conference on HIV/AIDS. Pray for them to continue to be witnesses of God’s love to an often marginalised group of people.

* Name changed

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