Benvenuto a Incarnate

16 Feb, 2016 | Italy
Lauren O'Shea
During OM Arts Incarnate, Emily Woolerton paints portraits inspired by colors of personalities.  
Photo by Lauren OShea
On Saturday, 6 February, OM Arts introduced the locals of Isola del Gran Sasso to Incarnate - a programme dedicated to teaching artists to work in cross-cultural missions.

“We have these awesome creative people, we’re in this beautiful place and we find ourselves in the midst of people who need Jesus,” said Bill Drake, the director of Incarnate and OM Arts. “It was such a joy to reveal Incarnate to the Italian community here, to show them the treasure that God has brought to this valley,” he continued.

As the sun began to set, residents of Isola gathered to learn more about the 26 artists who will be spending the next three months in residence at the Christian campground, Centro Evangelico Isola.

Guests wandered around the property and observed the musicians, visual artists and dancers in their respective studio spaces. The visual artists emitted shy smiles as strangers inspected their art-in-progress and music reverberated through the halls as the musicians and dancers rehearsed their pieces.

That evening, guests and artists gathered in the main auditorium and the official presentation began. Joe Hunziker, the director of the Centro Evangelico Isola, welcomed locals and acknowledged the special guests in attendance.

Before the Incarnate artists began their presentations a local men’s a cappella choral group, the Alpini Coro, warmed up the audience with three songs that best represent the traditional musical style of the region.

Kicking off the artist presentations, Ellie Rose, a visual artist from the UK, shared highlights from her portfolio and revealed the meaning and inspiration behind her pieces. Ellie also explained how she incorporates her faith into her art.

Next, Katya Richter, a pianist from the United States, played one of her original compositions entitled, “A Love Story.”

“I chose to share that piece because the story behind it is universal,” Katya said. “It’s about a love story between us and God. I think that people can relate to love no matter what culture they come from.”

Several other musicians performed, then everyone headed over to the dance studio. The dancers shared pieces from several disciplines of dance: hip-hop, modern and contemporary. The final performance was a collaboration with the dancers and Dileep Ratnaike, co-director of OM Arts and Incarnate administrator, who accompanied the dancers with an improvised saxophone piece.

After the showcase ended the Centro Evangelico Isola staff, Incarnate participants and the people of Isola shared a time of food and fellowship. 

Lauren O'Shea is a journalist from the United States. She is a communications intern for OM Middle East North Africa, currently on assignment with OM Arts during the Incarnate programme, and is dedicated to telling the world what God is doing through global missions and the arts.

Credit: Lauren O'Shea · © 2016 OM International This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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