Wisdom Road: Making decisions in company with God

28 Nov, 2016 | International
Viv Thomas
Shadows of Dustin and Katie Kelms of OM Arts, riding unicycles across the US this summer 2013 in aid of Syrian refugees and displaced people
By the time you get to my age—what Richard Chartres describes as the ‘springtime of senility’—thousands upon thousands of decisions have been made; some great and some poor. Indecisions have been just as damaging as decisions made too fast. But, having been made in the image of God, I have been given the gift to decide, and in this I have no choice.

In the work of decision-making, we need to pay attention to the frameworks that shape every decision. The framework of our decision-making is related to the images and thoughts going through our heads. Each person has a different framework for decision-making. However, there are some large frames that can be decisive in the decision we make. Let me mention four significant ones:

Slave frame

Inside this frame, we feel like slaves or captives. With the ‘slave’ frame inside our hearts and heads we feel helpless, incompetent and worthless. This often leads to blaming someone else for our imprisonment and the difficulties we are in. We have become victims of self-inflicted assault. We don’t realise that our captivity and victimhood is a place of our own choosing. We are not captive to anyone else but rather captive to the belief system in our own heads.

Scarcity frame

Inside this frame, we can feel empty, anxious and poor, even though we have ample provision and luxury. Both millionaires and people with no money can have this mental frame. A friend of mine insists that he does not feel ‘safe’ unless he has US$400,000 in his current bank account. All of his money has not addressed his ‘scarcity’ frame and the fear that lies behind it. This frame prepares us for a life of taking rather than giving. We always want to hoard but can never gather enough to satisfy our inner need to feel safe.

Son–Daughter frame

Inside this frame, we feel we have value. The value comes through a permanent, loving, deep and committed relationship with God and others that sets us free. Inside this frame, ‘success’ or ‘failure’ are less significant because of the overwhelming presence of love right at the centre. Popular definitions of ‘success’ or ‘failure’ are not the centre of this relationship. If you live inside this ‘Son–Daughter’ frame, you can make decisions that look risky, or even dumb, but it does not matter that much because the point of your life is this relationship and not being a ‘success’ or ‘failure’.

Abundance frame

Inside this frame, we understand and feel personal abundance. We are in a place of always being ready to give, even though it may not look like we have much to distribute. Our culture, community and story have put us in a place where we feel rich on the inside and therefore able to be generous with attention, service, time, money and talent.

Our culture, community, family, story and frames are delivered to us, but this is not the end because God is at work in re-shaping our histories. God is always on the job of removing our slave and scarcity frames and replacing them with Son–Daughter and Abundance frames so we can make great but not always perfect decisions. (end)

Viv Thomas lives in the magnificent city of London with his wife, Sheila. Along with his OM role as an Associate International Director, he is the Honorary Teaching Pastor of St. Paul’s, Hammersmith. He is deeply passionate about people encountering the love of God, seeing leaders develop and teaching Scripture.

Viv’s new book, Wisdom Road: Making decisions in company with God, is available as an ebook and paperback from Amazon or via www.formation.org.uk. Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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