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03 Feb, 2017 | Trinidad & Tobago
Rebecca Gaasrud
Port of Spain, Trinidad  Tobago :: Miguel Amaro (Brazil) helps a boy with his homework.
While in Trinidad, a team of volunteers travelled to the town of Chaguanas to help students with their schoolwork.

The Boxill family hosts an after-school homework club at their house twice a week to help kids in the neighbourhood with their lessons. As a trained psychologist, Marcia Boxill is able to recognise which children are struggling with a learning difficulty, so when the team arrived, she split the volunteers and assigned each to a student needing one-on-one tutoring. Marcia told crewmembers that the children will often come for help with their studies, even on days the homework club is not meeting.

The Boxills use the homework club as a platform to share with the students about their faith in God, and invited the volunteers to do the same. “I want each of you to tell the kids why you decided to join the ship,” said Marcia. “Who do you want to hear from first?” she asked, turning to the students. “Miguel!” said the young boys, pointing to Miguel Amaro (Brazil), who had gained a fan club due to his country’s famous footballers.

Crewmembers used a drama to explain how knowing God’s word, but not knowing how to apply it to life, is the same as having an umbrella, but not knowing how to use it when rain comes. Miguel shared that when he was young, he struggled with many things as he tried to do them in his own strength, but that when he started to live the way God was calling him to, his life changed in a positive way.

After the children had left, the team donated 18 'help packs' containing a variety of school supplies. Marcia was thrilled with the gift. “This is wonderful! Oh, the children will be so excited!” she kept repeating over again. Marcia explained that many parents in the community cannot afford the cost of school supplies for their kids, so at the beginning of each school year she purchases a few things the children need. “Now they won’t have to share our one ruler, they will each have their own!”

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