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How prayer birthed a movement
24-Apr-2015 | Singapore

OM co-founder, Dale Rhoton, and his wife, Elaine Rhoton, reflect on more than 50 years of service in OM at a recent event in Singapore.

Witnessing transformation
23-Apr-2015 | Mexico

It's an unforgettable experience!” OM Mexico’s missions training impacts one participant’s life, who then returns to the training as a staff member.

Building churches to reach Tibetans
23-Apr-2015 | Nepal

OM Nepal organises a church-plant training for local churches in a part of the country where the majority Tibetans are unreached with the Gospel.

Lifehope Transit Challenge: God’s heart for Europe
22-Apr-2015 | United Kingdom

OM Lifehope coordinates the Transit Challenge, sending out teams all over Europe to love, serve and proclaim Christ.

A great hope
06-Apr-2015 | Ships

Kuching, Malaysia :: The Logos Hope family celebrates Easter day together onboard.

Hope in the darkness
06-Apr-2015 | Uruguay

OM Ships crew member brought hope to the dark situations of prisoners in Uruguay with his Logos Hope Outbound Team.

Medical mission to Ghana
01-Apr-2015 | Czech Republic

OM Czech Republic engaged in a medical mission outreach and evangelism ministry to villages in northern Ghana.

New leaves
30-Mar-2015 | Malaysia

Logos Hope Outbound team cleans homes in Malaysia damaged by flooding.

Raising up a generation of missionaries
27-Mar-2015 | Nepal

A group of OM Nepal students share the Gospel and distribute literature in a least-reached district for three weeks.

Practical help opens hearts
13-Mar-2015 | Bosnia & Hercegovina

OM Bosnia supplies firewood to locals and an invitation to the local church for dinner, which opens their hearts to the truth.

OM Finland celebrates 50 years of mobilisation  
09-Mar-2015 | Finland

OM's work in Finland began 50 years ago in 1965. Since then, approximately 3,000 Finns have participated in OM’s work.

Light in the darkness
09-Mar-2015 | South Africa

OM AIDS Hope, in collaboration with Stanza Bopape Clinic, arranges an event on World AIDS Day 2014 to bring light to the pandemic.

Jesus still heals
03-Mar-2015 | Israel

A Jewish family witnesses the power of Jesus when two Christians pray for a sick boy.

Visits with a rabbi
12-Feb-2015 | Israel

Worker Ronaldo visits with a rabbi in Israel and discusses prophecies about the Messiah.

Season of sowing
05-Feb-2015 | Caucasus

A church planting team shares their faith with Muslim friends and neighbours during a time set aside for sowing intentionally in people’s lives.

Global Village challenges Mad in France participants
05-Feb-2015 | International

Global Village challenges participants of the Christian conference Mad in France to see the world from a different perspective.

Retirement challenge
30-Jan-2015 | Italy

A Canadian couple spends two of their retirement years with OM in Italy, learning that it’s never too late to change the world around them.

Impacting young people
19-Jan-2015 | Far East

A couple's obedience to go into cross-cultural missions leads to the good news being multiplied among young Chinese seeking truth.

A place to gather young people
05-Jan-2015 | Laos

OM Laos opens a new book café with the hopes of introducing students and young adults to Jesus through meaningful relationships.

Real threat of human trafficking
02-Jan-2015 | Myanmar

A couple from OM Myanmar are confronted with the real danger of human trafficking within their own four walls.

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Åland Islands :: Esa Tuuri has driven the Bus4Life for four years.
Åland Islands :: Shaun Rossi sits down for a minute after a church service in Espoo, Finland.
Peru :: A Freedom Challenge climber admires the majesty of God’s creation as she treks to Machu Picchu to advocate for freedom from human trafficking on the Salkantay trek. Photo by Garrett N.
Peru :: The Milky Way shines in full display as the women of the Freedom Challenge settle into their tents for the first time on their climb to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay trek. Photo by Garrett N.
Peru :: Women of the Freedom Challenge climbing in Peru to raise, money, awareness and freedom for those affected by human trafficking and slavery. Photo by Garrett N.
France :: Joël, Coach at TeenStreet 2017: ‘unshakeable’
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : An elderly woman has her eyes tested by one of Logos Hope’s crew.
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : YeaSel Jo (South Korea) tests the eyes of a staff member at an elderly care home.

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